Did you know that you can help tree planting organizations fight climate change?

The world went through difficult times for almost 2 years. People had to stay at home and much of the world’s activity slowed down. This caused changes to be seen in the world. Tree planting organizations made the world aware of the importance of planting trees. And you have to start now because it takes about 25 years for a tree to grow. Because people have their own tasks, many find it impossible to plant a tree. But what if you could do it remotely? Tree planting organizations offer the possibility of planting a tree to people all over the world. Thanks to technology, people who decide to plant a tree can watch the entire process from the comfort of their home.

A dashboard to track the evolution of your tree

Nowadays we are used to do many things online. There is a dashboard for accessing the bank, for watching series, for social networks, etc. There is also a dashboard to monitor the trees that tree planting organizations have planted. You will be able to view the type of tree, where it was planted (with GPS directions in case you want to visit it), photos and videos of the planting and growth. You will have all the information at the click of a button and without leaving your home. When you help tree planting organizations to reforest the planet, you are preserving air quality and climate stability for future generations. In other words, the actions you take today will have positive repercussions in the future. You can say that you planted a tree and show everyone where it is and how big it is.

Help tree planting organizations to reduce CO2

One of the problems facing humanity is climate change caused by global warming. Although it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions, it is also important to be able to convert it into oxygen. Tree planting organizations understand that trees are the lungs of the planet. Even if we emitted zero amounts of CO2, we would still need trees to generate the oxygen we breathe. A tree is not just a piece of wood and leaves. It is literally what allows us to continue breathing. If you want to increase oxygen emissions in the future, help tree planting organizations plant 2 billion hectares to make a difference. Just contact them to find out all the steps you need to take. Are you ready to help the planet?