Tom Brady responds to speculation that he might return to NFL and play for Jets

After Aaron Rodgers went down with a season-ending injury in Week 1, there was one name that kept popping up as a possible quarterback option for the Jets and that name was Tom Brady. 

Although Brady has said multiple times this offseason that he’s now retired for good, those comments came before the Rodgers injury. With the Jets looking to save their season, Brady is easily the most attractive name out there, so naturally, his name got thrown into the conversation. 

Over the past week, Brady had yet to publicly offer any comments about the Jets’ QB job, but that finally changed on Monday during the latest episode of his “Let’s Go” podcast

At the top of the episode, host Jim Gray cut right to the chase by asking Brady about the Jets. Here’s the exchange that he had with the seven-time Super Bowl winner. 

Gray: “The question everybody has been wondering is: Have the Jets called and are you considering the Jets?” 

Brady: “Next question. You already know. I love being with you guys on Mondays and I love what we got going.”

OK, so that’s not exactly a no. 

Before Brady answered the question, it did sound like he MIGHT have mumbled “No,” but it was difficult to tell. The thing is, he could have given an emphatic “NO” and shut down all the speculation, but instead, he danced around the question while seeming to leave the door just slightly open for a possible return. 

There are multiple reasons why the speculation won’t die. For one, it’s clear that the Jets aren’t going to get to the playoffs with Zach Wilson as their quarterback. Although he helped pull off a miracle win over the Bills, he looked completely overmatched in Week 2 during a 30-10 loss to the Cowboys. If the Jets want to salvage their season, they’re likely going to need to bring in a quarterback. 

The other reason the speculation seems to be continuing is because the one obstacle that was thought to be in Brady’s way for a return is no longer an obstacle. Brady was reported to have purchased a stake in the Raiders back in May, which would basically prevent him from playing for Jets, but that purchase hasn’t been finalized yet, which means Brady is currently eligible to sign as a free agent with any team. 

According to multiple reports, the Jets aren’t interested in Brady and he’s not interested in them, but despite that, don’t expect the Brady talk to die down anytime soon, especially when he’s giving vague answers about the situation on his podcast.